Are you tired of networking events where you have to put on your “best self”?

Are you longing for deep connection, with real women, in your community?

Are you longing to be inspired, longing to share stories, longing to hear truth?

This is the gathering for you.

What we do

Once a month, Truth Talks presents an outstanding woman to share

HER story,

HER strengths,

HER vulnerabilities,



We gather to share wisdom, to create connection,

to build community, to instigate change,

to support the dynamic life force that is a woman.

We are truth tellers, story tellers,

for we know that our strength lies in the depth of our stories –

shared and held.

Upcoming events


Wednesday September 19, 6.30 – 9.00pm

Speaker: Linda Nolan

Venue TBA

Coffs Harbour

Tickets ESSENTIAL: $35

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This month’s speaker

Linda Nolan

We all have a story, and to each of us it’s our own story, our sorrow, our pain, our joy, our desires, our passions our unique gloriousness!

Linda’s story is no different to many of us, but it’s in her story that we may resonate and learn some lessons.

Linda says ‘When you have a knowing of gratitude for all the wrongs placed on you in your life, only then can we see the lessons. It takes maturity, or for a better word, awareness, and a whole lot of pain along the way, to learn the lessons life throws at us.’

Keeping Secrets of betrayal or injustice, breeds an unhealthy fear within us. Fear festers and grows like mould, and only the freedom to speak with honesty, can set us free.

We all have the wisdom we need within us, but do we listen? Mostly no, we allow fear, community expectations, family values, conditioning and so much more to block our wisdom messages within us.

Our messages may feel uncomfortable but they are the truth for us, we simply need to listen, trust and speak them.

When you live in fear, your courage is compromised. We all have abundant courage within us, but it can be pounded down by fear, by injustices placed on us throughout our journey. How do we find our courage, what breaks the fear, what holds us back from our fulfilling lives?

Linda will share some of her secrets, her passion and love of art to help us hear our messages.

We may cry, laugh or play with pencils, but Linda hopes you go home with gratitude in your heart for your journey so far and the wisdom to listen, knowingly.